Arlamus is a planet of intrigue, fantasy, excitment, and evil. From the peaceful halflings of Bildale isle to the strange glasslike reflectinglands, existing only half the year, to the terrible Grumak caves, home to the winglord Grummund. Arlamus has much to offer for adventurers of every shape and size. All races are available, and anything is possible, but some races have been altered for the purpose of this campaign setting. Tieflings have hooves, long pointed ears, oni-like horns and tusks, and are half a foot taller. Gnomes are not fey, but rather more closely related to dwarves, and they have wispy white hair, and short ears. Halflings are only about 3 feet tall, and have long but not pointed ears. New races have also been added, such as the Mitasians, pinkish-blueish-purplish skinned 5-and-a-half foot tall goblinoids with swollen, ironically blind eyes, and sharp teeth and short, pointed ears. Enigmas are a race of tall, heavily clad, dark embodiments of mystery and fear. They never show any of their skin, and the only thing anyone ever sees of them are 2 glowing, piercing eyes. They are all the same height and weight. Abramaridas are an alien race of refugees from the comet-like Maelhi. They appear as people with heads like painted wooden animal masks, and all of them have a 2-color skin tone. Anything is possible on Arlamus.