Time in Arlamus is measured in years, which are 365 days, with 9 months of 40 days each. There are 8 days in a week, and 5 weeks in a month. The original calendar system (known as the Bodemvan calendar) was developed by the Bodemvos empire in the early 11th age. It was more eratic and had a slightly flawed measurement for the year (they thought it was 357 days). The current calendar, which is based on the Bodemvan calendar, is used in most of civilized Arlamus, particularly around the sea of Sh’kai-ahi. The months are mostly words from the Bodemvan calendar, though some are newer. It is as follows:

Months: Week days:
1. Moldagen, mid-winter, 41 days (common, Cherranthi dialect) 1. Wakingday
2. Fimistad, late winter to early spring (Bodemvan) 2. Tillingday
3. Imvozac, mid-spring, 41 days (Bodemvan) 3. Milkingday
4. Wudoros, late spring (Bodemvan) 4. Marketday
5. Asiromag, early summer, 41 days (Bodemvan 5. Qwellingday
6. Hrimgaard, late summer (Dwarven, Mordheim dialect) 6. Ravenday
7. Dobaviros, early autumn, 41 days (Bodemvan) 7. Restingday
8. Ottrel, mid-autumn (common, Shoanaldoro dialect) 8. Feastday
9. Qridbhakk, late autumn to early winter, 41 days (supernal, infernal dialect)

The current year is 3 a.r. (after resurgence), meaning it is the 3rd year of the 13th age. Arlamus has had 12 previous ages, beginning with the creation of the universe in the early 1st age. They are as follows:

1. After Creation, marked by the approximate birth of the first gods. circa 500,000 years long
2. After Mourn, marked by the death of the first gods, and the beginning of the dawn war. circa 200,000 years long
3. After Fall, marked by the death of the second gods, and the takeover by the fiends. circa 200,000 years long
4. After Victory, marked by the birth of the current gods, and the defeat of the fiends. circa 100,000 years long
5. After Guordom, marked by the creation of the Dragons, as the rulers of mortals. circa 50,000 years long
6. After Sylva, marked by the creation of the Elves, as the eldest race. circa 10,000 years long
7. After Delva, marked by the creation of the Dwarves. circa 8,000 years long
8. After Withering, marked by the resurgence of the fiends, and the corruption of Arlamus. circa 10,000 years long
9. After Hellena, marked by the creation of the first humans. circa 10,000 years long
10. After Liberation, marked by the victory of mortals over the Dragons, giving them freedom. circa 5,000 years long
11. After Bodemvos, marked by the birth of the Bodemvos empire. 1,327 years long
12. After Yssra, marked by the birth of the cursed one, and the dissappearance of the stars. 2,984 years long
13. After Resurgence, marked by the reentering of Arlamus into the greater multiverse, and the return of the stars in the night sky. 3 years long, current age

Tanuiel is the only First God still alive, but their presence is not well known on Arlamus, and they don’t have any worshippers. There have been three series’ of gods, and the current series consists of many of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Tanuiel. Tanuiel’s siblings were from the first series, and after they died, Tanuiel went into hiding in the deepest reaches of the universe, where they created the second series. Unfortunately, the second series was made hastily and haphazardly, making the Second Gods weak, deformed, and/or corrupt of soul. These gods stood little chance against the hordes of demons, devils, and other fiends. The Third Gods, however, were made with more care, as Tanuiel stayed in hiding, and had more time to “birthe” them. Thus, the new pantheon easily crushed the fiends, and most of them survived the war, becoming one of the gods worshipped today.


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