Mitasians and Goblinoids, a Study by Talkemann I

Mitasians, also known as Redlanders, are a race of goblinoids native to the Redlands, and their kingdom inside, Mitas. It is believed that Mitasians were originally Hobgoblins coming from the surrounding lands, who migrated to the Redlands for unknown reason.

A. It should be noted, beforehand, that Goblinoids in general are characterized by their geneological gifts. That is to say that they are able to adapt and evolve much more quickly than other races. In just a few thousand years, a population of only a few dozen could breed into an entirely new species if subjected to new conditions, possibly like the Mitasians.

B. It should also be known that the Redlands is a harsh environment, unique in it’s red, rocky terrain, constantly dark and stormy sky, and the distinct lack of vegetation. Yes! All known life in the Redlands are carnivorous animals, usually with ruddy skin and some adaptation to the dark, storminess, and heat of the Redlands. For this reason ancient civilizations like Arkhosia and Bodemvos have always viewed the Redlands as a wasteland, unsuitable for population. Goblinoids, however, would’ve been able to handle the climate, so when Arkhosia began expanding into a Hobgoblin territory, the uprooted Hobgoblins would have nowhere to go but the Redlands.
Sure enough, when they did, they would become paler and balder from lack of sunlight, shorter and leaner from lack of nutrition, and the dark made so that they had to develop more acute eyesight. That is to say, larger eyes. Eventually their evergrowing eyes would become so swollen that they were useless. But Goblinoids endure! some how, the people who were now Mitasians grew a sixth sense, baffling many scholars, so that despite their inherent blindness, they are completely aware of their nearby surroundings, even being able to “see” around corners and through thin doors. These past millenia (estimated at circa 4500 years) have culminated in the short, bald, pink, bug-eyed, hardy Redlanders we know today.

C. The Mitasians have a primitive monarch based society revolving around the capital of Mitas, Dealchk (DYAHL-shk) in the northeastern part of the Redlands. The king of Mitas is an elderly male named Schall (sh-Chahl). He has seen many battles, and while wise, he has a bizarre speech pattern, speaking so that instead of saying “My name is Schall”, he says “It is that the name Schall is the name of me”. Mitasians are mostly secluded from others, and since they don’t usually raid others, they have a neutral (even benevolent) view of the other races, getting along well with dwarves, dragonborn, and sometimes even humans. They have a special spot in their heart, however, for the other goblinoids, mingling and including Goblins and Bugbears well. However, the Hobgoblins, particularly those of Baloshan origin, detest Mitasians, viewing them as a cautionary tale of the dangers of succumbing to weakness, and often kill Mitasians on sight.

Mitasians and Goblinoids, a Study by Talkemann I

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